• 3rd August
  • 03

here is some cheap and easy wall art! 

you will need: canvas or wood panels, tissue paper, modge podge (or Elmer’s glue mixed with a bit of water), some paint and paint brushes  

1st: take the tissue paper in whatever color you like and cut them into an assorment of squares and rectangles 

2nd: lay the tissue paper in an over lapping formation and make sure to cover all the panels (i like to leave the panels together until the end then separate them with an exacto knife to keep the art cohesive )

3rd: take a paint brush and carefully spread the modge podge over the tissue paper. the tissue is thin so the glue will seep through sticking it to the panels. wrinkles are unavoidable and ad to the effect so don’t worry about them too much but do be careful to avoid any tears as tissue paper is very fragile  

4th: after it dries paint on a lovely landscape, separate the tiles, hang up and enjoy :)  

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