• 18th September
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  • 23rd July
  • 23

I’m calling these my chun-Li/Princess Leia hair buns 

separate hair into pig tails, tease, twist into buns and pin in place. 

my bangs are getting way too long but I can’t cut them until I figure out what my director wants so I got them out of my face with an easy french twist. 

hope you like! 

  • 18th July
  • 18
  • 20th October
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  • 22nd September
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quick fix for those “no time for a shower” days.

hair not at its tip top performance and no time for maintenance? throw it into a wonderfully messy bun

this took me less than 10 min to do in between classes. I did the messy bun by first teasing my hair just with a regular hair brush to get some volume, then I put it up in a hair tie then added a few bobby pins to make sure it was secure and would maintain its shape.

i then paired it with a cute headband to accessorize and jazz it up, and some serious ba-bangs. (the ba-bangs were not entirely on purpose, I just really need a hair cut)  

anyway, i thought it was fun, stylish and I was quickly out the door with my cute up-do :)